The flagship Company of the group is s p spinning mills pvt ltd situated at Salem, having a set of sophisticated machinery including the facility of compact spinning and a laboratory equipped with state of art instruments.

PRODUCTION CAPACITY : It has a total spindleage of 50,000 spindles and 672 rotors with a production capacity of 18,000 Kg per day.

SUBSTRATE : 100% Cotton

PRODUCT RANGE : All counts as per customer’s requirement. Combed, Compact Combed, Carded, OE, Normal and High Twist, Hanks and Cones, Single and Double yarn. All auto coned, Siro and Polypropylene cleared.


  • Trutzchler, Germany Blowroom machine
  • Trutzchler, Germany Carding machine with chute feed system
  • Rieter, Switzerland High Production Comber E65
  • LMW Spinning frames with Autodoffer and Premier Ultimo ISM system
  • Suessen, Germany Compact Spinning System
  • Murata & Schlaforst Autoconers
  • Sieger Conditioning Plant


  • Uster High volume spectrum instrument
  • Uster AFIS
  • Uster Tensojet for single yarn strength tester
  • Uster Classimat Quantum
  • Uster Evenness Tester
  • Zweigle Hairiness Tester
  • Gretag Macbeth Spectometer for grey scale rating
  • Paramount Laundrometer
  • Paramount Crock meter

WINDMILLS : Owns 20 Windmills of capacity 7.8 Mega Watts totally

Make Capacity Qty (Nos.) Total Capacity
AMTL 250 KW 12 3000 KW
Tacke 600 KW 3 1800 KW
Enercon 600 KW 5 3000 KW
Total capacity 7800 KW (ie.,7.8 MW)