Yarn Dyeing

Our unit s p textile processors pvt ltd situated at Chithode, a suburb of Erode District was incorporated in the year 1993 and started its commercial production in 1999.

We are engaged in Bleaching and Dyeing of yarn in cheese package form and since 2005, we are also engaged in manufacturing High quality Woven Fabrics for leading brands.Our present production capacity is 6000 Kg of yarn dyeing per day with which quantity One million metres of fabric can be produced per month.

SUBSTRATE : Cotton, Polyester, Acrylic, Flax, Viscose, Linen and blends.

PRODUCT RANGE : Any count, with single or multiple ply. Special yarn such as Grindled, High Twist, Mock Twist and with special effects like Neps, Multi count, Multi slub and combinations of all these.


We have a fully automated yarn dyeing facility with capacity ranging from 1 Kg to 1000 kg and can handle any substrate of any count with a single ply or multiple ply.


  • Dalal make and Fong’s make Dyeing machines [10 Nos.]
  • Drying machine of re-circulating type made by Dalal in collaboration with Obermayer, Germany [2 Nos.]
  • Laxmi Zeneros Hydroextractor [ 2 Nos.]


  • Automatic Dye weighing and dispensing system by Tecnorama, Italy.
  • RBE High Temperature High Pressure Dyeing machines
  • Infra Red Dyeing machines
  • Gretag Macbeth Spectrophotometer for grey scale rating
  • Gretag Macbeth Judge – II Light booth for colour matching
  • Paramount Crock meters
  • Paramount Laundrometers
  • Paramount Wrap reels
  • Lea strength testers
  • Mag Eletwist Yarn twist tester


We use Sulphur, VAT and Reactive dyes for Cellulose, Disperse dyes for Polyester and Acid dyes for Wool and Acrylic. The dyes used by us are Azo-free, Reach and Oekotex compliant.

Our unit is a Zero liquid Discharge unit.

Our Laboratory is fully equipped with state of art machinery. We have an Automatic Dye weighing and dispensing system installed in our laboratory supplied by Tecnorama, Italy. We have a Gretag Macbeth Spectrophotometer for grey scale rating. The colour matching is done using Gretag Macbeth Judge – II Light booth. We have Paramount make Crock meters and Laundrometers, Wrap reels and Lea strength testers, HTHP and IR Sample dyeing machines. We have a Mag Eletwist Yarn twist tester.

We have a set of Qualified Engineers who focus in reducing the effluent being generated in our process by using various techniques and process sequences. This reduction (55 ltrs / kg of yarn dyeing ) in water consumption is also contributed by stringent monitoring of incoming dyes and chemicals apart from other inputs, resulting in higher RFT% (Right first time) of 95%.